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I read the entire threat, interesting tips

I can just confirm some tips (already finished this game a couple of times)
- dont buy new "max ammo" for a weapon unless u have almost zero bullets
- look really carefully for treasures, always buy the treasure maps and just walk to walls and press x (it doesnt hurt)
- save ammo on enemys by using the environment (candles in the air can drop and have the impact like its a grenade etc)
- use grenades wisely, first collect some plagas by shooting at their feets and then grenade them, or shotgun them
- save a lot and reload savepoints if u feel like u lost too much health or that u have used to many bullets

Most important one, just take ur time (on pro), NEVER rush it, use few bullets, scout everything, know the enemy weaknesses etc, exploit levels ( the charging enemys with big knives (that u have to shoot in the back)) they sometimes just turn around if u slowly walk away...

Buy, and sell smart, use the rocket launcher, 30,000 is relitavely cheap cause it saves u alot of ammo and health!!
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