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Originally Posted by x Stealth View Post
Hi Guys im not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes anyway
There is one achievement on this game where you have to kill twoface,riddler,catwomen and the joker which is pretty straight forward, but im having great difficultly unlocking this i have completed those mission about 5 times each making sure i killed them each with batman and it still wont unlock?
So if any1 could please give me any info on how to unlock this achievment or if u have to do them in order maybe?
Any information would be much apreicated
You have to do it only with Batman correct? It messed up for me somehow at one point, so i had to make a new file after I did as close to the 100% stuff, then went through the story and purposefully aimed for those achievements like this one. I killed each of them story mode with Batman. Be sure to deliver the final blow to them with Batman. From what I remember this worked for me this way, and my friend got this during free play so i am sure either way works. Sorry this is super late.
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