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Originally Posted by Nevander View Post
I have a few new questions that I would LOVE to have answered because this will determine which house I remain at.
  1. Does using the "get homes for free" method mess anything up?
  2. Do storage containers inside homes have limits to them?
  3. Can items disappear from containers?
  4. Can too many items be stored in containers causing #3?
I want to store many items in one chest but I'm afraid that my things will vanish because of how many things I have.
The answer to all 4 is no. All containers including sacks and barrels inside your homes are safe. The only problems that may occur is with weapon racks and displays. If you put an EXTREME amount of stuff in a container it will slow down the storing and retrieving process significantly, kind of like lag. But it has to be an extreme amount.

If you like displaying your stuff then Windhelm wins hands down. Except the storage container layout is terrible. Also the chest at the foot of the bed never seems to spawn for me which pisses me off and the dagger displays in the bedroom eat your daggers and won't give them back. If you don't care about displays then I would probably say Markarth would be my favorite. But the cheap Whiterun house is a very good layout and if only it had an enchanter would be my overall favorite.
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