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General FAQ Thread

Please let us know if there is anything else you'd like to see here that people ask often!

Backpack Upgrade Locations:
  • Settlement: Gorhart, Odarst - Trader: The Corner Shop, sold by Rikka Egest
  • Settlement: Rathir, Upper City, Tywili Coast - Trader: Scholia Arcana Main Hall, sold by Wil Donell
  • Settlement: Ysa, The Sidhe - Trader: Asker’s Alley, sold by Riona Helt
  • Settlement: Domus Politica, Adessa - Trader: Senecer Macit
  • Settlement: Mel Senshir - Trader: Illyn Doldran
Q: Do "sustained" skills count toward the 500 kills with abilities?
A: No, it needs to be classified as an "active" skill.

Q: Why can't I find X Lorestone?
A: You probably don't have your Detect Hidden skill up high enough. Some require Level 5 in this skill before you can see them.

Q: Where can I train in...?
A: All trainer locations can be found HERE. Be aware that there are two trainers for the 0-3 skill range, and only one each for 4-6 and 7-9. Plan your skill points carefully so you can take advantage of the trainers and use the skill points you earn from leveling in other places until you can't train anymore.

Q: What is the level cap, if any?
A: 40

Q: How do I respec my character?

A: You must pay a fateweaver to do it for you. Fateweavers are spread across the entire game in different towns. Their symbol on the map is a couple of cards fanned out. The cost to unbind your destiny (i.e. respec) gradually increases each time you do it.

Q: How can I advance the in-game time?
A: Only by using a bed or simply leaving the game unpaused. There is no on-demand "wait" featur, unfortunately.

Q: What are the different types of Gems you can make/socket?
A: The list HERE has all of them.

Q: Repairing items costs so much, how can I afford it?

A: Never use a blacksmith to repair items. Instead buy repair kits from a merchant and repair items yourself.

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