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I am having the same problem on the Tie fighter level. Have gone through twice (on different playthroughs, not the same ones) and both times have used this guide, got all 15 but only 14 showed up. Frustrating as hell!!!

Originally Posted by Woody28 View Post
Think it is still glitched. got all 15 on Imperial kashyyyk, yet the count still says 14/15.
I'm 100% sure I got all 15. and I heard about the glitch with Kento's Robe holocron - so I restarted the level but it didn't reappear. I've done all other levels and all other holocrons.
So what can I do?
has anyone else encountered similar probs. I thought they patched this shit!
is there a way I can avoid having to wipe all the force unleashed data and having to start from scratch....
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