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Originally Posted by SpinelesS View Post
there seems to be 4 trainers for each skill. 2 for training when your between level 0 - 3 of the skill, 1 for when your between the levels of 4-6, and a final one for when your between 7 - 9
Regarding "0-3", I have 1 gray box in persuasion from my race I believe, 1 from training at the House Of Ballads, one green from my Compass of Fate item, and one green from Wayfarer destiny I believe (2 gray 2 green). If I add 1 gray Pt from level up (3 gray 2 green) will I still be able to train in Ysa with the 2nd 0-3 trainer without respec'ing? or does 0-3 really mean NOT 3 gray boxes yet? Thanks!

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