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Originally Posted by MaicoWin View Post
Was able to beat Altar on pairs, but how the fuck to beat the other ones, I don't know. I've been able to make it around 60 steps on the next two stages. Menhir is so damn narrow, I can't do anything. I've been able to get around the same number of steps solo on Menhir, and that might even be easier than pairs, since I found myself going much faster and not having to worry about the bottom falling out on me.

I own the game for a week now (yes, Europe) and managed to beat Menhir solo yesterday.
I've started out trying Altar in solo, failed, and read about Pairs being easier. After that I beat Altar within a few tries in Pairs on my own.
But Menhir was just too narrow for Pairs for me.
So I kept practising solo yesterday and the day before until - as I said - yesterday I finally conquered it.
First 40 steps shouldn't make any problems, after that - when it widens up a bit - try Inazuma and Inazuma variations and try not to crumble you wall to much. The less block you drop, the flatter your next starting surface will be and the easier this section of Menhir will be.
Actually you can say that overall: From step 40 on focus on
a) not crumbling your wall to much (or at least crumble it equally) and
b) don't forget about trap blocks.
I screwed up quite a few attempts because I was so focused on thinking about how to proceed further upwards that I forgot I was standing on a trap block!
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