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Game Breaking Issue - WARNING

*Minor Spoiler*
I have just gotten to the section of the game where you work your way back to where the game starts. All of the doors and walls here are the thick ones you cannot warp through. Must use your swap ability with barrels and one turret to progress.

I got to an area where there are several power cores surrounded by inhibitors (the blue walls) and could not work out how to solve this issue.

In the "help" section it advises that turrents can go through inhibitors, so i back tracked and used swap many times to get the turrent from earlier on a conveyor belt that travels through one of the inhibitors.

The turret is now on the conveyor belt but does not move (possibly they only move in their little slits in the ground), so this did not help me.

So i back tracked some more looking for a different way around. There isn't one.

However, now I cannot move forward because the game will not generate a new turret (from those holes they come out of) because, technically, the other turret is not destroyed, it is sitting where i left it (on the conveyor belt.

I have trapped myself at the start of this level, as there is now nothing to swap with on the other side of the thick wall im at. Which, I should mention, happens to have a checkpoint on it.

I am going to have to start a new game because of this.

Very dissapointing.
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