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Yeah, its a pain. I would have liked to screen shot for you guys but i don't know how to do that

I couldn't blow up the turret cause i couldn't get back to it after i trapped myself. I have restarted at this point, and as Ravenhood points out, I'm now much better at the game and it did not take long at all.

It just unfortunate that in games of this nature (puzzle games with warping, portals, etc), it can be possible to trap yourself if your not careful.

I was pretty annoyed when i made that post, but im playing again now and its still awesome.

I mainly made mention of it for the short fuse gamers out there for which this would probably be a deal breaker. This games really great (as are most of this years "House Party" releases, cant wait for "I am Alive") and it would be a shame to let this stop you from completion.
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