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Even without a screenshot, I'd like to know where this room is, 'cause after having finished it 3 times, one in 1 hour 7 minutes, and getting all of the achievements, I'd like to see where you got stuck to see if I can figure out some solution from the situation you were in.

Do you know which of the 4 floors it was on? Which side of the floor (north, east, south, west)?

That aside, it's good to see you're still enjoying it. I do agree, though, it's irritating to find portions that force your hand.
At one point, I found that I couldn't progress a specific way to reach one of my final grubs (heading east from the room the telepathic alien was trapped in), and no amount of warping and swapping would allow me to reach the other side (all the barrels I could reach ended up in the gap between the main portion of the room and the eastern door), so I ended up having to backtrack through literally half of the base just to reach the elevator that would let me reach that side without traveling through the room.
The room was /possible/ to traverse, just highly improbable, and the only simple solution was to avoid it entirely.

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