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Originally Posted by Zorravin View Post
I have completed the career twice in two different divisions to try to get the best results (I'm working on my third one now). My first career char finished 91 overall, but I used a boost pack and raised him to 94, with a lot of the things at 100. My second career fighter finished at 94 overall and after the caf boost, got up to 105 overall!

I am working on a third one now, I hope to have this one maxed out on all offensive areas, and most defensive areas at 90 or so.

My tips:

- Play on Beginner (why not)

- Do the heavy bag striking (first mini game) on second action to keep speed up

- Some easier mini games to help max out most areas:
Heavy Bag Striking (Huge speed, footwork, and standing punches/kicks)
Clinch Spar (take downs, grappling, clinch striking, clinch grappling, hurts ground and pound)
Ground and Pound (takedowns, top grappling, ground and pound, doesn't hurt clinch) Try and do this one after you max clinch areas.
Tire Flipping - Get good at this, it takes a little practice, but the big strength bonuses are worth it. To help get the four stars, go for the closest one near to you. (Huge strength, cardio, takedowns, grappling) I use this mainly when I need to increase my strength.

- Try to make sure you're never being capped by the stats, focus more on those than the attributes, you can always increase those later, but if you run into a wall trying to build up that 300k credit for the last stat boost, it wastes time and stats.

- Do not get any techniques (trust me, the 14k the boost pack gives is more than enough to make a very diverse fighter)

- GET THE BOOST PACK!!!! *You can only use it after you either complete career or retire* It's only 240 points, too.

So basically, what I do is work on two areas at once; I spend most of the career trying to get the striking up to 100, it takes a while because it only goes up by 1 after about 83 or so. Clinch is a little more easier as it keeps going up by 2 until about 95. I am still working on finding a mini game for bottom clinch grappling, the most obvious one takes a lot of the other stats down.

Sorry if this looks like a mess, I've been up all night and thought I would share some of this stuff I've picked up.
Thanks for Posting, I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate the time & effort you've put into helping everyone make a better Created Fighter.

I have a couple of questions, when you said do not get any techniques did you mean the Learning & Upgrading New Moves Section?

It's just that in UFC 2010 I upgraded a few moves to Level 3 proficiency and they were extremely effective. I remember Mike Goldberg saying in the Career Mode Tutorial in this Years Game that "Learning & Leveling Up new moves makes them faster and more powerful, so Upgrade the moves you use most often to Level 3 to improve your fighters effectiveness".

Therefore during my Fighters Career I was planning on levelling up common moves like the Right & Left Hooks to make each of them 3 times more effective.

Also, what do you think about using the "Game Plan" option? Did you use it regularly or did the Attribute degradation in certain areas put you off?

Any further help would be much appreciated.

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