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Originally Posted by Tactical Tom View Post
Thanks for Posting, I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate the time & effort you've put into helping everyone make a better Created Fighter.

I have a couple of questions, when you said do not get any techniques did you mean the Learning & Upgrading New Moves Section?

It's just that in UFC 2010 I upgraded a few moves to Level 3 proficiency and they were extremely effective. I remember Mike Goldberg saying in the Career Mode Tutorial in this Years Game that "Learning & Leveling Up new moves makes them faster and more powerful, so Upgrade the moves you use most often to Level 3 to improve your fighters effectiveness".

Therefore during my Fighters Career I was planning on levelling up common moves like the Right & Left Hooks to make each of them 3 times more effective.

Also, what do you think about using the "Game Plan" option? Did you use it regularly or did the Attribute degradation in certain areas put you off?

Any further help would be much appreciated.

Yeah I was referring to leveling up moves and stuff. Now this is assuming you get the caf boost pack after career, but you get 14000 technique points, every move you level to level 3 costs only 300 points, this gives you about 45 moves you can raise to level 3. My caf, for example, has every a very diverse range of attacks in his arsenal, I can reverse to side control in every position pretty much in the game, on the feet I have a wide arrange of attacks, and in the clinch I have some effective attacks.

In the career mode, I play on beginner so I don't really need to have anything leveled up, I just go out there and spam hooks to the head until the cpu is knocked out.

For your second question, I never used the game plan mechanic seeing how I never really needed it on beginner.

One thing I should of said about the cafs I make, I make them geared towards online play, having the best fighter I can. If you just want to complete career, all this isn't really necessary.
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