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7/10 difficulty. Simular to Prototype chalenges??

Prototype was also 7/10 and took me about 3months when playing after work each day. But i loved it. It was relaxing and entertaining.

But completing the chalenges was a bit of a nightmare.
The hardest ones were either passed with determined skill, out right fluke, or glitches, ie spamming the lock on for bullet time, slowing the ingame time, or using other kinds of ingame "cheap" tactics. Also did this for Portal on Orange Box

Is Armored Core 4 simular "Do-able" difficulty?
Any "cheap" tactics or glitches that can almost garrenty 1000gs?
Ofcourse you need SOME skill even when doing cheap tactics, but i dont think many would say Orange Box or Prototype were easy 1000s :P

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