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Got my hand on this game this morning , i've played the demo and got totally hooked on it for the crazyness and complete Japanese feeling that come with this game.

I have to say that after a bunch of episodes completed , it is a really great game, it is just like watching an anime with a bunch of interactive cutscenes qte and action beat em all stages where you get to feel the rage.

It is in fact a bit short for what you pay if you intend to only play it once but since we're on an achievements forum this might make senses that you will get the most out of your money with this game since you have to replay the game a couple of times.

This game is all about artworks and style , the story is fine , the voice actings are very good from both side english and japanese + the characters are completely japanese crazy which is a very must for anime game.

Totally satisfied with it so far
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