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Originally Posted by the Sgt Sw View Post
So what ARE these glitchy achievements, What can be unobtainable, and what should one do or not do about it? Noone went into detail about it so I'm just wondering if I should be weary about useing the different dresses and weapons? Also this is the free dlc that came with the game, correct? Thanks
I believe people are refering to the weapons/dresses DLC glitching certain achievements. The only one I noticed was Neighslayer not popping when I was using the Knightmare weapon - when I swapped back to the basic Hobby Horse (upgraded to level 4) it popped pretty quickly. Not a major issue.

And because you can easily replay chapters etc nothing is really "missable" - you can just go back and select a chapter/sequence where you missed memories/bottles/snouts/radula rooms.

Hope that helps.
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