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its not impossible, ive actually done it with a few times without even really trying with ken, ryu, guile and bison ive been playing street fighter for many years so thats probabbly why. best advice i can give is use blanka, i picked blanka when i was first going for the achievement and what you need to do against the majority of characters is spam the hell out of his Roll Attack if you time it right you can hit your opponent just as there getting back up off the ground and they wont block, if they do jump backwards and try again, also use his vertical roll if somebody tries to jump toward you or if you want to avoid fireballs. if you hit somebody with your verticular roll use another straight roll attack as soon as you land. using that method you can take out the majority of characters as far as i recall sagat was the only one who gave me any trouble. what i did with him was wait for him to shoot a fireball and quickly jump over it and hit him with a heavy kick, also if he did a tiger uppercut i would use my roll attack on him as he was falling back down. dont try to roll attack him if hes standing he will just counter with tiger uppercut and take a chunk of your health
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