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World War II Victory Medal may of been patched finally!

I sent EA a very long detailed letter about the achievement. I told them we are completionist and don't care if its a 0G achievement. We want the 100%. I also linked them to the petition here on the forums. They replied and said this.

Hello Jordan,

Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts again.

Firstly, I genuinely appreciate your email pointing out these features. At Electronic Arts, we always endeavor to keep our tools and platforms user-friendly. Incontestably, your comments have offered us an imperative perspective that shall be earnestly looked into.

I really appreciate your comments. Your inputs have been forwarded to our Game Development Team for further review. Our Experts always strive to make Games very player friendly and interesting. Hence your inputs have been very motivating and I request you to share your feedback with us regularly.

Moreover, I am sure you would find our Game Forums very interesting. Not only can you post your comments on our official forums but also interact with fellow gamers. Since these Forums are regularly monitored by our Game Developers, they offer an effective medium to communicate with the Developers.
Please visit the link:

In case of any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

Electronic Arts - World Wide Customer Experience

I then loaded up the game a few days later to see if they did anything and noticed that there was no update. What I did notice though was that the

Time Played
Team Points
Team Kills
Games Played
High Score

have all been reset to 0. I believe they just reset everything that doesn't matter. Has this happened to anyone else? I was afraid they would reset my kills but they did not.

So it looks like they did something. I will try to test if the achievement is fixed as soon as I can. If anyone else can test it too that would be great!

Edit: Just loaded up the game later and all the stats were back they way they were. Not sure what happened.
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