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Originally Posted by nazhitsreallyhard View Post
To answer your question... KOTH boosting with 10 players (5 players take turns going in the ring etc).

BUT (this is an important sidenote) if you can't find players and don't want to wait for another xp event then there is a really good method to getting this achievement. However, it will take 2 months to get it. The method is do wave 1 of Horde on Security Insane mode then die by the lasers and restart from the first wave. If your fast enough, you'll be able to do 100 waves within 5 hours. 1,000 exp x 100 = 100,000

100,000 x 60 (days) = 6 million experience points.

Mind you, this method is only really worth doing if you have reached level 54 or above because around that level you get 675,000 xp points and all that is required of you is to get 3 million xp points more to get your wings.

Good luck whichever method you decide to choose.

Personally, I will boost KOTH with friends and whatever is left over I'll wack it out by myself. I mean 5 hours a day ain't much lol

5 hours a day is alot..... KOTH boosting all the way
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