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Originally Posted by Chaos Suikoden View Post
I have finished all of the Radio Missions except for one, the Jenkins Interception mission. I know it spawns somewhere near the Martian Council in Eos but I can not get it to. I am playing with my cache cleared, so the only thing I can think of to do to get it to spawn is re-download the patch and see if that works, but I doubt it. If anybody has any suggestions or tips for getting this mission to spawn, I would greatly appreciate them.

nope i dont like you

xD ok if you go to where it is marked on the map i move like5,6 steps to the left and it poped instant for me. just get to that point fast or as you know it will call a convoy misson. and are you 100% sure its that misson>?

( and stop doing the patch as that can make it even harder for it to top despite what ppl say)

^^^ 83% faster than the hole of gb yet i get called lagger lulz
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