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Originally Posted by Necrophage33 View Post
You're not the first person I've seen this happen to, and I'm pretty sure it happened to me. I made it, but I couldn't seem to find it in my inventory, and I thought it replaced my fists. Apparently not. I hadn't saved, so I just dashboarded to save my money and diamonds. The next day I decided to make it again after realizing it doesn't take the place of my fists. I made it and found it in my inventory without a problem that time.

I guess I'm not really helping, but I don't know what to tell you other than it seems like a glitch, cause I feel like it happened to me too, and I've seen others say they made it and it didn't show up in their inventory.
First, GREAT list and considering the sheer volume of stuff and randomness of locations, I think you are doing a stellar job.

Second, concerning the modded weapon that never showed up in the person's inventory... THIS IS A VERY REAL GLITCH. It happened two nights ago when I went to make the Electro Military Knife (Orange Skull weapon). Made it, went to arm it, huh? Nothing to be found in my inventory?! What a waste of 5 Diamonds and $10K cash. It also happened to me that same night when I went to make a Sticky Bomb.

Then it happened to my coop buddy last night when he went to put a mod on his shotgun. But he did the smart thing and did NOT quit out of the game... instead he PRESSED HIS XBOX BUTTON AND THEN PRESSED "Y" TO GO TO THE DASHBOARD. After reloading the game up, viola, his shotgun was back. Now obviously you will have lost anything else you did up until your last checkpoint save, but the games auto-saves so often there is really no way for you to lose much.

Sounds like the best way to handle the situation. He had his Shotgun and I didn't have my Electro Military Knife. This Skull related weapon SUCKS by the way. I went back and spent another two hours getting 5 Champagnes [plus another f-ing visit to Svetlana... arrgg] and $10K together to build it... again. What a double waste of time building it twice.

BEFORE you attempt to create ANY modded weapons, I suggest:
- Make sure you have AT LEAST ONE EMPTY inventory slot
- Make sure you have AT LEAST ONE EMPTY weapon wheel slot

Can't hurt to try, right?
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