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Originally Posted by Demon596 View Post
Hey everyone. So I have some good news and some bad news for you all. The good news is that the achievement unlocked on my second playthrough, the bad news however is that it unlocked when it shouldn't have...

So really quickly I will explain what I did on my second playthrough to get this achievement so many are having problems with in hopes that it will unlock for you.

- Completed game on save slot 1 (Or whichever one you used).
- Collected all gold/red bricks.
- Collected all minikits (and achievement didn't pop).
- Collected all characters.
- Had a percentage of 100% completed game.

Now these stats may not have to be had or not but it is what I had when I finished playthrough 1 on save slot 1.

Start of playthrough 2:
- Start a brand new playthrough on save slot 2.
- Enter in the cheat codes to unlock characters for the free play levels to collect minikits (A dark jedi, a bounty hunter, an astromech droid, jar jar, MagnaGuard or Robonino, a rapid firer, a protocol droid, a tiny guy, a bad guy ship and a missile ship). Also to make things easier you may enter other cheats to make the levels and freeplay levels go quicker such as invincibility and what not, it's up to you.
- Next choose a level and complete it on story mode without collecting any mini kits.
- Right after the level is complete, play the same level in freeplay mode. Since you have used the cheats to unlock all necessary characters/ships to collect minikits now is the time to do so.
*NOTE* - This may or may not be important I'm not sure but when going for the minikits that require multiple items to be destroyed or collected such as rocks and what not, try to destroy all the items in that group before moving onto another group of items i.e if you need to destroy 10 rocks and 5 trees in one level, go for the rocks first and then the trees or vice versa.
- Complete the level to the end, do not, I repeat DO NOT exit and save to complete the level. I have read multiple posts saying you can and the achievement will unlock but the extra minutes (yes minutes, the levels aren't long) will not hurt you and may be the difference in either getting the achievement or not.
*NOTE* - If you are about to finish a level and realize you have not collected all ten minikits within that level just exit WITHOUT saving and start again. Once again I cannot confirm if this is crucial or not for the achievement to unlock but are you really willing to risk it on one missed minikit? It's up to you.
- When the end level stats screen comes up it is okay to skip past the screens that have nothing to do with the minikits stats. Once the minikits stats screen appears let them count up one after the other until all ten are accounted for and your new character explodes into blue studs .
- Rinse and repeat until all levels are completed.

Now in my case my achievement popped when I was playing my last level The Castle of Doom during my freeplay run. After I had collected my first minikit in that level the achievement popped soon after. I still collected the remaining nine and finished the level.

So who knows when it will unlock for you but hopefully by following this mini guide you should be able to finish off this game and add another 1000/1000 lego game to your gamer card. Best of luck to all who still need this elusive bugger and hope this helps.

Thank you for your advice. I got the achievement on my third playthrough. For me, it popped during The Zillo Beast on my 7th minikit. I still had 12 more minikits to get (I did not do Castle of Doom yet). Therefore we can conclude this achievement is seriously glitched.
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