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The random QTE event's surprised the hell out of me the first time they popped up, but I still haven't messed up a single one yet. Anyway my only big gripes about this game would be in the "RagDoll" physics, the "Weak spot" on some of the bosses, and The A.I. commands/overall performance.

By Ragdoll I mean when your body gets knocked over all you go limp and flop around until you get up. Which is normally not a horrible concept, but add in the fact that you have to sit through the Ragdoll animation while you can still get combo'd by bosses and such...And it becomes pretty annoying>,>

The weak spot on bosses is another issue. It is usually identifiable, and that's a plus. But It felt like sometimes that it wouldn't do what it was supposed to. Like I would be shooting at the weak spot glowing on a bosses head and they don't react. But I shoot them in the neck and they get stunned(was that just me?). Also I CANNOT get that damn robot Liger to open it's mouth(won't spoil anything here). And I unload clip after clip of my fully upgraded assault rifle into it's glowing head It could be the difficulty that I'm playing on but should be possible(I'm really determined).

Lastly the issue with the friendly A.I. The obivious one being that they run into your line of fire. That doesn't bug me a whole bug really, but there is one thing they do that I can't stand. And that's going idle in combat. I'll be in the middle of a gunfight and after already giving them a command to "FIRE"(which should be common sense to do anyway) sometimes my teammates will stay in cover and wait. Or wander around aimlessly like they don't have a purpose. Also the commands aren't implemented fully after you give them. Like"Cover me" for example doesn't really seem to help much.

But it's weird because sometimes the A.I. will do some pretty amazing things...Except during boss battles, they are completely useless in most of those(Highway boss for example) Anyway those are my things that irk me about BD. But I still like the game and DO NOT regret getting it. And really all those things I listed aren't major to be honest.I only wish more people would give this game a chance(.-_-.)
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