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Originally Posted by sjmleicester View Post
Got to start somewhere.

Although a lot of the game is fun to play I am finding some of quick time events where you have to press red to stop to arrow on the blue part of the bar which gets rapidly totally smaller very quickly totally frustrating.

I've tried to jump off that stupid coach about 7 times now in chapter 4 and keep failing. Arrrghh. Totally hit or miss and seems to be just luck.

The team approval voice system seems to be a joke. I seem to have an ennerving ability to say the wrong thing most of the time. lol. Red arrows all the way!!!!
The quik time events are just three in total and once u get the hang of it its not so bad, i found out as soon it shows up hit the B button and 8 out of 10 times you get it spot on! Just hit it as soon it shows up. The more annoying part i encountered in this game is the fact that every time you advance ahead one of your team members always have that nasty habbit to run straight into yourline of fire and so hitting them that their trust level goes down just when you had it up for having a convo before and saying the right answer.
About that trust level the answers you give are pretty straight ahead, its always logical and mostly actualy just consisting of agree with them and their trust level goes up. Example: Bo ask you what you will do after the mission,"Hey bro you going to have fun on the beach and have a couple of chicks then?" And you just select "Yeah" and pang trust level goes up.
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