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Finally got round to completing the game today & as others have said 110GS is quite possible but still challenging.

The final 90GS is I am convinced impossible & will never be earned legit as there are so many random timing based puzzles where instant death is possible even when you know exactly whats coming next the nature of the random timing means you would need perfect luck to traverse all of these in a single sitting without dying once!

Only possible way I can think someone may come close to getting this is if they had 2 Xbox360s in the same room playing the game at the same time side by side & use 1 of the sessions as the trial & error then when they are confident hop onto the 360 where they are going for the last 2 achvs but even then it would require perfect luck as there are just too many random elements where the timing pattern varies.

I doubt anyone in the dev team or playtesters came close to getting all 200GS its pointless including such achvs as no level select either so its all or nothing in 1 sitting for both achvs.
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