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I don't like the new Normandy. It's way to dark, way too cluttered, and it feels like they've messed up a lot of the layouts. Particularly Deck 2. Why did they rip the labs out and replace it with an obnoxious, time-wasting security scanner? And why did they feel it necessary to move the Conference room away from the center AND why did they feel it necessary to not so much move the armory, but to flat out eliminate the room itself to begin with?

I miss the original SR2 with the bright decor and the chatty crew members. I'm only just returning to the Citadel from Palaven's moon and I found Gabby and Ken, so I'm happy my two favorite Normandy Crew Members are back, but I haven't had much opportunity to talk to them yet.

I experienced a weird glitch when talking to Liara the first time I was set free on the Normandy. When I mentioned Glyph to her, Shepard's head kept following the drone instead of looking at Miranda. Only happened once though.

Sometimes when I'm in cover and reloading my sniper , I'll press the left trigger to pop out and take a shot and my scope will display, but I'll still be in my 3rd person perspective. Not a big deal since I can just release and press it again, but annoying when I'm on Insanity where a missed opportunity can spell life or death.

The worst glitch so far is sometimes I'll try to to go into low cover (like a crate) and Shepard will repeatedly pop off of it for no reason. This has gotten me killed a few times. It mostly occurs when I try to sprint into cover.

Originally Posted by IDiivil View Post
Potential spoiler alert:
Liara and Shepherd Glitch - Mass Effect 3 - YouTube

... unacceptable glitch, though. Characters are stuck staring at things on either side of them.
Yes. This is exactly what I was referring to. Glad I'm not the only one. Hope it doesn't happen anymore.

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