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Still in the beginning stages... I was a little perturbed that I couldn't get one of my main Shep faces from ME1 to import, but I have a couple of alternate facecodes from customizing my Sheps in ME2 that are pretty close so I'm not as upset as some others are.

I think the graphics are beautiful, much better than in the demo, and the cinematic cuts really show it off, but I think about 15 minutes went by between completing the first mission after leaving Earth and getting to the next destination (trying not to be too spoilery) where you couldn't pause or save. I had to pee and my phone kept buzzing lol, and I didn't want to move in case the cin. stopped!

Really annoyed with taking cover being such a pain. It was so easy in ME1... or maybe I just got used to it that way.

Not looking forward to all the disc changes I keep hearing about. Maybe I'll try to hold off on N7 missions until they rack up and do as many as possible all together?

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