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Originally Posted by Ice Car View Post
That's it? Something like this makes the game bad? It's a great game regardless. The maps are all pretty damn good, I don't particularly hate any of them besides Bloc, and there actually seems to be balance in this game. Tier 2 Perks are pretty much perfect and certain attachments removing Perk 1 makes sense.
I like the maps in that game more than any of the rest, actually. Crossfire is my all-time favorite map and I think the single player storyline was the best thus far.

Just believe me, it was frustrating beyond belief. At least all the quickscopers, campers, boosters, and other various annoying players in MW2 and 3 are all actually kill-able, not behind a impenetrable corner. They've come a long way in making different walls not bulletproof, and making the game a lot more playable in that regard.
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