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Originally Posted by SilverSluggerMZ View Post
This BS doesn't make any sense to me. I understand the counter and then hold LS trigger and then press X again to attack another guy. Then after that, the kill streak resets for some BS reason because I haven't done it all in one motion. How the hell are u suppose to block and kill someone at the same time after the initial counter and LS+X kill?
First off, once you do the counter kill, you need to release the defensive button. The streak literally means in one motion, i.e. kill, kill, kill, kill, kill ... without stopping for a breath. So you cannot kill, then go back into your counter defensive stance. That is not a streak kill.

To do this, after you counter, you need to literally flick the control stick at the next target and time your X to hit, then flick the control stick to the next target and hit X, and do this again and again and again. The purpose of the LS stick is to select the next target, you don't necessarily need to hold it in that direction, just make sure another target is selected.

It gets tricky in the middle when the soldiers try to grab you, and this definitely the easiest way to lose your streak. The only way to prevent this is to either 1) be REAL fast with the grab counter (which I only ever succeeded at once), or 2) make sure that your guy does not get close enough for the grab (i.e., don't let someone get behind you, don't finish your kill next to someone, etc.)

The easiest place to do this in the Virtual Trainer. In the real game, it is difficult to get 10 soldiers all at once, but in the Virtual Trainer, you get a constant stream of attacks. Then it is just a matter of practice.
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