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Thumbs up Third time lucky, lol.

The first time i put this game in my xbox was on (13/04/09) after watching the movie and I quickly got pissed of with it when I got to the relic and the guide didn't help out much at the time, so i sold it to get MASS Effect(best think I did to date) anyway One year on(14/02/10) I got it again for a few quid() and tried it on legendary and again I got pissed off with it at the relic the fragile fraking relic that easily breaks no matter what i did and yes I threw my controller at the wall in temper, lol. So I traded it for HALO3 (another great thing i did,lol) And here I am again today(08/03/12), lol. I just got back from GAMESTATION with a load of cheap games lol. and this was one of them for 98p, lol. So this time It's gonna get done, i am going to save that fraking relic using this guide after seeing all the responses for the gamer who did it this way, so thank you thejackyltm for putting this solution up, i will do it this way in the next few days and let you all know if i did it or smashed another controller, lol.

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