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Originally Posted by Darth Maleval View Post
Slinger Range (Dueling Pistols) - Easy. Score 500 or more for 2nd prize, score 750 or more for 1st prize. First thing to do is activate Werewhiskey (100% critical hit chance when health under 33%). After entering arena, just fall off the edge a couple of times to get your health below 33%. Then pick up the pistols and shoot as fast as possible. I only had 3 upgrades and still managed the score.
Having a huge problem with this one... I walk off the edge and my health refuses to go down? I don't remember downloading a patch... if there is one, I guess it patches this work-around.
And dumbest post on the internet goes to...
Originally Posted by RichXbox360 View Post
UFC = real fighting? What the actual fuck? UFC is even more "fake" than WWE has ever been and ever will be.
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