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Originally Posted by m00nknight1984 View Post
(most importantly of all would be to customize the color of the outfits) you want to make it even MORE difficult to figure out who's on which side? Half of my deaths in this game come from not realizing someone is on the other team until they are shooting at me. If anything they need to emphasize each sides color pallet (Bats = Navy / Gold and Jokerz = Violet / Green) Unless you mean shades of those colors.

Otherwise color customization would basically RUIN this game.

As far as the whole more factions is concerned...the Comic that spawned the idea for this game used Joker gas as the inciting incident. And in the comic the gangs only split between Batz / Jokers. I honestly don't think they could make this game have other factions, just on a technical standpoint, without a complete overhaul (so why?). But if they choose to expand the universe and make Gotham City Impostors 2...then maybe you could have multiple factions. More costume items are definitely needed...especially themed like other enemies (as long as the colors remain somewhat true to their team) Like maybe a Top Hat for Penguin or a Green suit with ? for Riddler...and on the Batz side you could do rip off of Nightwing's suit (Blue / Black) or Bat Girl no problem.

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