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'Master and Commander' has no defined number yet (why it's not in the achievement description itself is beyond me), but it is based on the Effective Military Strength (total x readiness). The number seems to be somewhere around 3500-4000, and the achievement will unlock when you press A to land at the Illusive Man's base. I ended with 3328 after doing every mission and planet scan and didn't get it. There is one report of someone getting it without playing any MP (thus a readiness of 50%) and that was only with never making any 'kill' decisions/actions throughout all 3 games, including DLC for all 3 games as well (for example, not killing the villain from the ME1 'Bring Down the Sky' DLC is the only way to get the Batarian fleet as a war asset in ME3, and you have to save the Rachni queen in ME1 to get their full war asset as well)
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