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Always Land on my Feet 15
Complete a best of three team challenge

From the main menu, head over to challenges. Then select multiplayer and make sure the rounds are set to three. You can choose either to play it alone or with a friend as the multiplayer mode is simultanious. Just make sure you win.

Adios, Amigo 10
Boot an enemy into a trap

During fight scenes, you will be able to "boot" enemies in a trap. Attack an enemy with your sword in various ways to build up your kick meter. Once filled, line your enemy up with a trap in the background by side stepping. Then kick them. For more info, see These Eyes Tell No Lies

Ole! 10
Block an enemy attack

When sword fighting enemies, they will sometimes try to knock you out with a big hit. (An enemy will move in slow motion when doing so.) When this happens, just hold your sword in the same direction they are trying to hit you to block the attack.

Touche! 10
Perform a deflect

Same as the "Ole!" achievement, except you should block an enemy's attack at the last second to deflect it.

Scratch That 10
Perform a Claw Frenzy

To perform a Claw Frenzy, you must first build up your Claw meter by making successful attacks with your sword during fight scenes. The more unique your combination of attacks, the faster your meter will fill. Once achieved, jump up and start scratching your enemy for the achievement.

Pet Peeved 10
Defeat 3 enemies with one guitar attack

When your sword fighting, you will notice guitars placed in the background. Knock an enemy toward one of them to fill your guitar meter. Then wait until three enemies are surrounding you. After that, raise your arms in the air and Puss will start playing the guitar. Enemies will dance one at a time. When all three start dancing, swing your arms in a baseball motion and you will knock all the enemies out at once.

Virtuoso 10
Play every guitar tune

What they mean by playing every tune, is to play the guitar on every level. You will only be able to play the guitar during fight scenes. On three occasions, you will play the guitar during action scenes, but its to serenade another kitty cat. Those three instances are story related and can't be missed. To ensure you get this achievement, just use the guitar during every fight scene.

These Eyes Tell No Lies 100
Discover every type of trap

There are a total of 21 different traps to be found throughout story mode. These are only found during fight scenes. They are obvious to spot during gameplay. Just lead your enemy in front of the trap by side stepping. Then, either kick or use claw frenzy to knock them into the trap. Here's a text of the checklist, thanks to Wozamill. There is a video checklist as well, thanks to phish5529

  • Struck a Chord (Piano)
  • The Moosetrap (Moose Head)
  • Trouble Barrelled (Barrel)
  • Over the Ledge (Ledge)
  • Through the Pane Barrier (Window)
  • Well Disposed (Well)
  • Battered (Fish Head)
  • Vitamin Overdose (Pumpkin Stand)
  • Baled Out (Hay Bale)
  • In Stock (Stocks)
  • Snare and Snare Alike (Snare)
  • Net Loss (Net)
  • Sharp Exit (Cactus)
  • The Pits (Pit)
  • Rubble Maker (Rocks)
  • Carted Off (Mine Cart)
  • Hammered (Hammer & Anvil)
  • Kicked Up a Storm (Beehive in Tree)
  • Scorcher (Campfire)
  • Rakey Rakey (Rake)
  • Goose

Holy Frijoles 20
Defeat 20 enemies using the guitar

When sword fighting, kick enemies toward guitars to fill up the meter. Then raise your hands to start playing the guitar. After playing the song, they will be confused. You will need to whack them. To earn this faster, try to get as many of them as you can to surround you before you attack them with your guitar. (Maximum of three enemies per hit.) You will most likely earn this when going for the Virtuoso and Pet Peeved achievement.

Looking Sharp 20
Defeat 10 enemies using Claw Frenzy

Same as Scratch That, except you must perform this ten times.

Over Easy 50
Collect all nine golden egg pieces

There are 9 total golden eggs to collect in story mode. These will only be found during fight scenes and are hidden inside vases. Its pretty easy to spot them since they have a yellow-ish glow around them. Just simply kick an enemy into the vases to collect them. Here is a video checklist thanks to

  • 2 Golden Eggs The Thieves Bar (Level 1)
  • 3 Golden Eggs The Chase (Level 3)
  • 3 Golden Eggs The Mine (Level 8)
  • 1 Golden Egg The Great Terror (Level 9)
10,000 GS 1/22/12 20,000 GS 3/21/12 30,000 GS 6/22/12

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