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Care to Dance-Fight? 20
Perform a perfect dance in the Cantina

On the third chapter, Puss will challenge Kitty to a dance off. To perform well, just match all the shapes you see on screen. If this is done correctly without a mistake, the achievement will pop after the dance off.

Purrrrrrfect Score 20
Serenade three different senoritas with a perfect score

When playing through story mode, Puss will inevitably come across 3 senoritas. He will whip out his guitar and play music to try and impress them. When he does, its up to you to strum fluently enough to achieve a perfect tune. To play the guitar, simply hold your arms out like you would a real guitar and strum.

Swashbuckler 10
Bronze medal on every level

See Legendary for more info

Silver medal on every level

See Legendary for more info.

Gold medal on every level

There are nine total chapters to complete in story mode. You will have to achieve set amount of score on each level to earn a gold medal.

After playing for a while, I know there will be certain levels that you try over and over again, but still don't rack up enough points for gold. Well, here are a couple of things that you should keep in mind while playing.

1. During fight scenes, always defeat your enemy by kicking them into different traps. You will earn 2,500 each time. Simply defeating an enemy or knocking them into the same trap again will only net you 500 points. If you run out of traps to use, play your guitar. You will be awarded 2,500 for each perfect hit with the guitar. You can hit a maximum of 3 enemies per guitar attack. Also, try knocking enemies into barrels, crates, and treasure chests for extra gold.

2. When playing through action sequences, (ex. running scenes) make sure to always use your sword and swipe anything in your way. There are barrels, vases, and crates that carry gold in them.

3. During balance, sneak, and pose sequences, try your best to achieve a perfect score. Only earning "great" or "nice" the whole time won't cut it when going for gold. Trust me, it will make all the difference. Certain running scenes will involve jumping and you will earn an extra 1000 for executing a perfect leap. This goes for chain jumping as well. (Must be 5 or more consecutive jumps.) Here's the break down of all the possible scores.

* Nice: 250 points
* Great: 500 points
* Perfect: 1,000 points

The Cat's Whiskers 100
Complete the game with 100% progress

This will probably be the last achievement you earn. Its kind of like that achievement you earn for earning all the other achievements preceding it. Here's the requirements for 100% anyway.

- Play all 4 mini games
- Collect all 9 golden eggs
- Collect all 9 wanted posters
- Earn a Gold medal for every chapter in story mode.
Discover all 21 traps

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