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Originally Posted by Braiiins View Post
I'm surprised not as many people are playing this (only one 100% on the leaderboards) and posting on the forums.

I'm guessing there's a slim chance I'll get a response but here it goes:
Is the drive 15 miles without colliding achievement cumulative? I'm on the second zone and haven't gotten the 60 mile achievement (which I assume is cumulative). Im thinking that since I've played 10+ events and haven't done 60 miles than most events are far less that 15 miles, unless later zones have much bigger events.

I think on iOS it was cumulative but can't recall. I'm pretty sure it"s cumulative here, too. I started to do some quick cop races to have the mileage, though it might be that you have to do it in career mode. Too bad there's no guide yet available to answer such questions.
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