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Highly unlikely they patch this, there was an update abit earlier but no idea what that was about. I realy enjoyed the single player been thru it 3 times by now: survivor,no mercy, and then cake-walk just to get the last bits i was missing and the more i play it the more i actualy see how great the graphics look and how amazing the cutscenes are and voiceacting is spot on. To bad the didn,t transfer that into the multiplayer or just added some extra missions you could tackle along with your original team played by your friends or other gamers on-line so to speak a co-op mode.
The problem the MP faces is that there just not enough gamers around that actualy got, i agree with you all the lag and the quiting of ppl in MP matches is a serious letdown. That same issue we faced a few times in Invasion mode aswell. Why ppl leave just close to a match end is a mistery to me realy if you sticked in a match this long why leave at the very end, even if your not on the winning team at least you still get some points out of it. I def not mention the long time it takes to level up and with so less ppl playing this my geuss is boosting the MP part is the only way sadly if your keen on getting it all.
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