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Originally Posted by SpinelesS View Post
I haven't used Javik much, but I have heard that having him along on the Asari Missions is a big deal...

I'm just about up to that part and am tempted to deviate from my EDI, Liara or Tali team set.
lol i kind of felt sorry for liara, she was SOO happy to get a protheon on our ship. kind of let down, since he refers to the asari as "inferior" and brushes off her attempts to conversate. i noticed he does have a lot of interesting things to say about the asari and other races from his time. he mentioned salarians as "lizard people" and said they used to eat flies! ahahahah i couldnt stop laughing.

i find him very interesting, combat aside i think hes worth it just because of the amazing dialogue and perception you get from a protheon. ive only just picked him up last night, but im already liking him a lot. that dark energy saved my ass from two banshees at once on the ardac-yachi mission (spelling?).

that particle beam rifle is craazy, im actually tempted to convert over from my long-beloved avenger ive been using since ME1. im wondering if you slap incindary amo on that bitch, does it become like a long-distance accurate flamethrower? lmao
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