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Originally Posted by WOLFkraut View Post
Wow, sorry for saying that sounded generic, it sounds like you may really be on track to getting this fixed! Good job! I wonder what will happen for the many people that have already met the requirements, though? Will it just pop for us or could it somehow become un-obtainable?
I explained an update to EA that they could do that would make the achievement pop for anyone who plays the game. I told them the update would make the achievement pop when you click start to get to the main menu after you download the update. For example, lets say someone has never played this game and they just bought it, they put it in, download the update, and the achievement unlocks for them without having to do anything.

I told EA this would not be cheating because the achievement is unobtainable. I am sure there will be an update very soon. That email they sent me was sent to me today too.
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