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Achievement Guide and Roadmap


-Estimated achievement difficulty:
10/12 (175)
2/12 (25)
-Approximate amount of time to 200:
20+ Hours (Chances of item drops)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed:
-Number of missable achievements:
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?
No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?
1 (Stotally Tober Slaugter)
-Glitchy achievements:
-Unobtainable achievements:


Shoot Many Robots is a hectic and hilarious side-scrolling shoot-em up game. You take control of a Hill Billy character that has no goals other than to shoot lots and lots of robots. To add to the fun, this game has a cooperative mode that allows 4 players online and 2 players in splitscreen. The achievements are relatively simple. They require you to play through the game naturally, find three collectibles and play a little bit of multiplayer.

Step 1: Play The Game!
If you just casually play through it the achievements will come. Starting out in split screen or online multiplayer will allow you to progress much faster and obtain some of the multiplayer based achievements. There's two achievements that require you to do something specific, but hardly boast a challenge. Once you make it to Level 50 and unlock Hard mode, you don't have to continue the game any more.

Step 2:
The achievement that will probably take the longest is the one that requires 10,000 kills. It's a bit of a grind, but you should be relatively close if you made it to level 50 already. As far as the collectibles go, you'll want to head back to Chapter 2 if you missed them and hope for the best. You need 3 specific item drops for 2 achievements, and Chapter 2 gives you the most chances. When you do find them, play any level with them equipped and you're done.

Step 3:
Mop Up
In case you missed out on the multiplayer achievements, you can still go back to any of the levels and get them with very little effort.

Thanks to Gackt

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