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Shoot Many Robots 30
Kill 10000 robots!

This should come easily when you are going for the achievement to reach Level 50. However, an easy grind spot is Stage 6: Downtown Roadblock 2. This level should net you somewhere between 700-800 kills each time.

Shoot Some Robots 10
Kill 100 robots!

One of the first achievements you should get.There are at least 200 robots per level so this will come fairly early.

Happy 50th, Walter 20
Reach level 50!

There's no real XP farming so the only way to reach level 50 is to play through the game. Replaying through old levels will give less XP so keep advancing through the stages. Playing levels in Hard or Insane mode grant much more Xp than playing on the Normal difficulty.

Greetings, Earth Citizens 15
Beat a mission wearing the astronaut helmet and backpack!

This achievement revolves on how lucky you are on finding the two specific items. You will need to equip the following and play through an entire mission.

Astronaut Helmet

-Required Level: 12
-Cost: 13990 Nuts

E.V.A. Pack

-Required Level 13
-Cost: 13550 Nuts

-Higher chances to find these items on Level 2-1 and 2-2.

Lookie, Many Stars 20
Get 75 stars!

There are 305 Stars throughout the game while each level can grant you up to 5 Stars. The number of stars you get is determined by how many Nuts you collect throughout the level.

-Run through the levels as fast as possible. Quickly destroy enemies and grab the Nuts to keep your Multiplier up. The Multiplier will stay up as long as you keep grabbing Nuts.
-Play through older levels when you reach a higher level and obtain better gear. You will be able to run straight through the enemies while quickly collecting the Nuts along the way.
-Play with multiple people. More players equals more destruction and more Nuts! 3-4 players should keep your Multiplier at 3x or higher throughout the level.


Thanks to Gackt

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