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Dominate at Fatherhood 15
Beat a mission wearing the baby carrier!

This is another achievement that revolves around luck. You will need to find and equip the following item and play through an entire Mission.

Baby Carrier
-Required Level: 4
-Cost: 1170 Nuts

Higher chances to find this item on Level 1-1

Slotally Tober Saughter 15
Complete a mission on hard or insane without dying or drinking a beer!

You will unlock hard mode once you beat the last boss on Normal mode.

A simple way to do this is to find a few other players online and let them do all the work. You can stay at the very beginning of the level while the other players continue onwards and finish the level. You will teleport to a checkpoint when the other players reach one, but it shouldn't be a problem. It's also best to play on a level without a boss since you'll be teleported to it when your team reaches it.

Punch Many Bullets 15
Punch two bullets, killing two robots, with one melee swing!

Throughout the game, you will run into robots that fire red bullets. Push next to a red bullet and you will punch it back to the robot that shot it. Red bullets are also extremely common in later levels

Lower Carbon Footprints 20
Destroy a robot overlord in multiplayer!

Can be done in either Online or Split Screen Multiplayer.

The first time you will run into this boss is Robot Overload is Chapter 2: Foundry. He will also appear throughout the game at missions labeled Foundry or Factory. Will unlock as long as you beat the boss in a group of 2 or more players.

Get Over It 15
Revive other players 8 times!

Can be done in either Online or Split Screen Multiplayer.

Once your partner runs out of health you can run over to them and hold LB in order to revive them. Have your partner get killed by a robot or other environmental hazard. Revive and repeat until necessary.

Make Many Friends 10
Have someone you invite join you in an online game!

At the main menu, click Play Game and a lobby screen will appear. Invite someone while you're in the lobby. Once they join, you'll get the achievement.

You can find players to help you with this HERE.

Number One Tugnut 15
Come in 1st in a four player mission!

In order to come in first place, you have to kill the most robots. This can be done simply by starting up the survival level on Chapter 1 with 4 players. The 3 players NOT going for the achievement should die as soon as possible without shooting any robots. Let the remaining player finish the first wave and die when the bonus wave starts. You must beat the first wave or else it will not count as you beating the level and you won't get the achievement.

You can find players to help you with this HERE.

Thanks to Gackt

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