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Just wanted to add, some of you may not know the stories that inspired these tables, so here is a brief description

World War Hulk:

The illumanti had banished hulk from earth, when the ship he was on kills his pregnant wife, hulk seeks revenge against the illumanti and there allies, with hulk fighting the x-men, avengers, gamma corps, fantastic 4 and other marvel heroes.

Published in 2007

Fear Itself:
Serpent (the fear diety of assgard) seeks to reclain the argard throne from thor, and causes a war on earth, thor, captain america, and iron man, stand with the other asgardians to stop him.

Published in 2011

Infinity Gauntlet:
Thanos in an effort to win the love of death, creates the inifinty gauntlet, which gives him power over everything, he wipes out half of all sentient life in the universe. The last of the heroes band together to stop him, but the ultimately fail.

Published in 1991
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