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The Gunstringer "El Diablo's Merican Adventure" Achievement Guide

+Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
+Offline: 10 (250)
+Approximate amount of time to 250: 3-5 Hours
+Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
+Number of missable achievements: None
+Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats available
+Does difficulty affect achievements? No
+Glitchy achievements? None
+Extra equipment needed? No

Another well done DLC for The Gunstringer. In this DLC you'll play as the devil himself. The style of the DLC is a mix between the main-game and the "Real Big Shootin'" DLC, as you're aiming like at a shooting stand and you've got 10 life points like in "Real Big Shootin'", but you're automatically moving onward.
Your main weapon is the Shotgun, so you'll only have single shots. There are some sequences with auto-shooting.

Step 1: First Playthrough
Take your time with the levels. There are 3 levels. Two of those are quite long shooting levels, while one is a rather senseless but funny "juggle the cow" level.
The shooting levels may seem hard at first, but the key is memorizing. You'll need to learn when your enemies and when civilians are popping up. Often the civilians and enemies are popping up at the same time, but the civilians will go back earlier so you can freely go for the enemies.
Always keep in mind that you're using a shotgun, so your shoot is spraying widely. You can use this to get 2 or 3 enemies at once, but also be sure not shoot civilians because of this.

You will most likely get 8 of 10 achievements on your first playthrough through the 3 levels if you were already going for the cow juggling achievements.

Step 2: Completion
You can select every level at will after you completed them in a row once. Look at the discription for the specific achievements you're missing to net them.


Money Made - 15
Purchase "El Diablo's Merican Adventure" for a free achievement!

Discription says everything. You'll get this as you start the DLC.

Rockin' in the Parlour - 25
Find the location of El Diablo's future bride.

Story related. You'll get this at the end of Level 1.

Hells Bells - 30
Get El Diablo hitched.

Story related. You'll get this at the end of Level 3.

Ain't No Fun - 30
Don't harm any innocents while on your adventure.

After you've completed your adventure once, you can select level 1 and 3 at will.
Go into one level and play it as many times as you need. You'll have to memorize the level. Always keep in mind that you want to harm no innocents, so better let an enemy go and loose one life point than screwing up the whole level.
At the end of the level you'll see in the statistic that you shoot zero innocents.
If you got that, repeat the same procedure with the other level until you have shot zero innocents.
Be especially sure to shoot no innocents at the last part of level 3, as the "good" and "bad" Madame in red are looking really similar.

It's NOT NEEDED to complete a whole playtrough without shooting any innocents. You just have to achieve this goal in a level once. You can screw up as many times as you want.

Note that you'll hear a buzzer when you've shot an innocent. You can turn off music in the options to hear this more clearly.

Heatseeker - 30
Don't let a single enemy escape your wrath!

See "Ain't No Fun", but this time you want to get every enemy. So don't hesitate and just shoot some innocents if needed to get all enemies.

Note that you'll hear a "boo" when you've missed an enemy. You can turn off music in the options to hear this more clearly.

Evil Walks - 25
Shoot every type of innocent at least once.

There are 6 types of innocents.

On Level 1: Lady in green dress, baby and a nun
On Level 3: Waiter and loose woman and at the end of level 3 also the Madame in Red

You'll most likely get this achievement on your first playthrough, as it is hard not too shoot innocents.

Smash N Grab - 15
Destroy 100 pieces of furniture.

There a really many white screens in level 3. You can't oversee them. And you're automatically destroying them as you're shooting your enemies.
Getting 100 of them will most likely happen on your first play through the level.

Kicked in the Teeth - 20
Juggle a cow a dozen times.

See "Thunderstruck".

Thunderstruck - 30
Juggle a cow 30 times.

Level 2 is a "Juggle the cow" level. There are 3 cows. Concentrate on one cow and shoot it to keep it in the air. You'll get the 3 achievements "Kicked in the Teeth", "Nick of Time" and "Thunderstruck" as you're going for 30 hits.
It's quite easy.

Nick of Time - 30
Don't let a juggled cow hit the ground for 30 seconds.

See "Thunderstruck".

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