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I dont think the game is hard at all. OK, im playing at easy, but i havent died yet i think. Just use the sniper or a shotgun, and they are down in one shot.

I got 430G's, and have not been playing it for over a year. Now i took it back again, im up at 500G, with the Ruthless and Goodnight Sweet Prince, and im asking myself.
Do you want to play a lot of boring hours to get the last max 150G (im not going for 221 damn diamond cases)?
No im not. Not right now. If you could fast travel between your safe houses, or something else so i didnt have to walk 10 minutes every got damn mission. Then i actually would enjoy it. I like the jungle and desert thing, the story is OK to.
But to walk that much, all the time. Damn it's boring.

Maybe i should try the MP, but i dont have high thoughts about it..
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