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Originally Posted by Johnysnake View Post
Yeah, it sucks. And i cant believe that they shut down the BF2MC servers. I loved that game so much and im a huge fan of Backstab.

But maybe we are able to play Backstab once again. Wouldnt that be awesome? Ive added a suggestion on the BFP4F Forums to create a remake of our favorite BF2MC map! But of course we need to show the devs that there is enough support for this map. Therefore, I need your help. Head over to the suggestion thread and sign it. Im sure you guys are interested in it.

You can find the suggestion here:
[Map idea] Backstab (28 signs)

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Ive also made a video, you can find it here:
BFP4F Backstab map suggestion (promo video) - YouTube

You're not even being subtle with this. 0/10, EA viral advertising at its worst.
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