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Originally Posted by x_Silxx_x View Post
"I think that he is from UK, so thats normal."

Excuse me? What is normal?
sadly, whenever I played COD online, it always seemed to be the kids from the UK that were hacking and modding, I don't play anymore, so I don't know if that's changed, but it's a bad trend to see. However, I play other games with guys from the UK all the time, and they're great guys. So you probably have a bunch of kids giving a bad rep to the UK for all being modders.

As for this game, does it play like Sniper: Ghost Warrior? Or more like Sniper Elite? Ghost Warrior was garbage, and I love sniping games. Sniper Elite was great. I did hear they were making a Sniper Elite V2 game due out in a few months, so I'm wondering if I should just wait for that release.
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