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Originally Posted by sillyjordo View Post
how the f$%k do I get the holocron from the second sniper position on kashyyk!?! I heard "just jump up", and "double jump dash from the wookie cage with the holocron in it". Not helpful.

I tried moving a rock under it, tried moving a wookie next to the laser shield under it... HELP!!!

I actually just picked up that holocron last night. Took me about 10 mins to figure out but i had to move one of the big rocks you pass earlier to the second sniper spot and i had to play with the position of the rock on the ground until there was a large enough spot on top of the rock that i could stand on. Then just do an easy double jump. The trick was the rock though and getting it positioned correctly. Just play with the positing as its just trial and error until you get it. Hope that helps and good luck.

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