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Leather Poisoning 15
Gather 40 or more disposals with a single player.

Create a single match with any teams, but set the quarter length to 20 minutes. During the game, decide upon which player you’re going to have get 40 disposals, and make sure you get the ball to them a lot. Be sure to check your progress at the end of each quarter. This is also achievable during the Legend season

No 'I' in Team 15
Play a co-operative match with at least 2 players on the same team.

With a friend on the same console, play through a full game, on any time setting. After the game, this will be yours.

Downtown 15
Kick a goal from within the centre square.

This one can be a little tricky. You’ll have to get an amazing kicker to mark the ball in the centre square. Quite often you’ll have to wait for it to bounce through the goals when it’s close to them.
When I did it, I was using Matthew Pavlich from Fremantle. It’ll recommend not trying to torpedo the ball, as it’s fairly inaccurate.

Australian Made 15
Create a player in the player creator.

Go into the Footy Factory and select Create a Player. You don’t have to modify anything, unless you want to. But if you’re just after a quick achievement, keep pressing until the player is finished, then exit back to the menu.

Kicked a Bag 15
Kick 5 or more goals in a match with a single player.

This one is very achievable in any amount of time. Just make sure the same player gets goals. If you aim to get the goals with the Full Forward of the team, it’ll be easier again.

Fruity 15
Kick a goal from the boundary with a banana.

When you’re kicking for goal from the boundary line, line up the goal, then hold + until you’ve got the power you want. The ball will curve around and hopefully get you a goal.

Talk to the Hand 15
Break 2 tackles in a row with fends.

This one does a little bit of skill. You have to press and the exact time you are being tackled, in order to break it, and then do the same thing again. You have to be using the same player for the second one that you were using for the first.

Shut 'em Down 15
Perform 10 effective tackles in a match.

For this one, make sure you are using the player that makes the tackle (using to switch players). If you get a free kick from the tackle, then that counts as an effective tackle. (Holding the Ball = Good, Too High and In the Back = Bad)
Use the opposition as a second controller to make it a bit easier to get.
It’s also easiest to get after the opposition has been told to play on. If you are using two controllers, run too far with the ball by sprinting with , giving them a free kick. Then, once the umpire calls for play on, run forward and tackle them.

Online Player 15
Complete 5 online games.

This one is easy in the sense that you don’t have to win the games; you just have to play out the entire game. Do that 5 times and this is all yours.

Dancing with Your Sister 15
Play out a drawn game.

This one can either be accidental, or you can ensure you get it. If you wish to get it on purpose, just make sure that in the final quarter, the scores are relatively to each other, and within the last few minutes, the scores are equal.
100%: 1000: 13, 450: 1, 400: 2, 200: 6, 50: 1.
80%+: 21

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