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Slippery When Met 15
Win a match in the wet.

In Single Match, once you’ve set up the teams, go to Match Settings and select a stadium other than Etihad Stadium, and put the weather to raining. Then simply win the game.

Storming Home 15
Storm home to win without the opposition scoring a goal in the final quarter.

During any game, when you reach the fourth quarter, stop your opponent from scoring a goal in the final quarter. This is most easily done on the easiest difficulty, with 3 minute quarters.

50 Metre Bomb 15
Kick a goal from beyond the 50 metre arc.

It can be easier to get this one when your player is on the run, but if you have a set shot, the mark can not be taken within the 50 metre arc. To get this from a set shot, get the mark from a few metres out side the 50 and kick away.

Poster 15
Hit a goal post and score a behind.

It’s more than likely that you’ll get this one by accident, from wherever you are on the ground. It won’t take you long to get this one.

First Use 15
Perform 5 taps directly to a receiver in a match.

When in the ruck, direct the ball to one of your own players. It’s easiest to get when you have player standing directly behind you. Just flick the towards then once the controller vibrates. Rinse and Repeat.

Even Spread 15
Win a game with 9 or more individual goal kickers.

When going for this one, it’s best to move your field around once one player has kicked a goal. Switching the most recent goal kicking with players from the back line and the bench will greatly help with this one. I’ll also recommend doing it in a longer game, for Example, when going for Leather Poisoning. An easier difficulty also helps.

Chairman of the Board 15
Create a full team of 40 or more players in the Footy Factory.

This one will take you a little bit of time. All you have to do is go to the footy factory, select team editor, and create a team. Then, go to the Player creation menu. With every player you make, when you are naming them, at the bottom there will be a ‘Team’ option. Put the new player into your custom team and then continue to create players until you have 40.

Attacking Pressure 15
Kick 3 goals as a direct result of free kicks from tackles in a match.

This one has been known to drop without goals being kicked (Out on the Full has been known to trigger it). The best way to do it is in your forward line, seeing as you’ll be able to do directly for goal. Using a second controller that has no one using it will also help.

Road Trip 15
Win a game with an AFL team against an interstate AFL team at their home ground.

This can be done throughout Season mode, if you are good at winning games, but to do it in Single Match, put your controller as the Away side. Then select any team and make sure they are not from the same State as the team you wish to use. Then, select their home ground and win the match.
E.G. Richmond vs. Fremantle at the MCG.

The Professionals 30
Win a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season on Professional, no simulating.

This one is stackable with Amateur’s Hour. Create a season, using a team of your choice (Be warned, Richmond vs. Geelong and Carlton vs. Sydney have been known to freeze later in the season, so I chose Fremantle)
Remember not to Simulate any game at all that your team is involved in. This includes selecting the other team and having the AI play for you.

Legendary 85
Win a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season on Legend, 20 min quarters, extreme injuries, no simulating.

This in the second most time consuming achievement in the game. As it says, play on Legend with 20 minute quarters and extreme injuries turned on. Once again, no simulating, or you end up wasting a lot of time.
A few tips with this, Spoil! A Lot! The AI will always beat you in the air when it comes to a contest. Only go for the mark when you are a few metres ahead of the other player. If there is a contest, + to spoil, then run onto the ball. If you have enough room to kick the ball, do so, otherwise I recommend handballing and tacking until you have the room to kick.
You’ll only need 15+ wins from the season to make it into the finals, so there’s no need to exit the game if you are losing. When you do reach the finals however, if you’re going to lose, Exit and play again.

Amateurs' Hour 15
Win a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season on Amateur, no simulating.

See ‘The Professionals’ for details
100%: 1000: 13, 450: 1, 400: 2, 200: 6, 50: 1.
80%+: 21

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