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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
The Beautiful Game 30
Kick the ball off the ground to score a goal.

When the ball is on the ground in front of your goals, hold . Your player will soccer the ball off the ground and hopefully earn you 6 points. Fairly straight forward.

Nabbed It 80
Win the Pre-Season Competition on Legend in real time with extreme injuries.

Start a NAB Cup on the same settings you used to get Legendary, and again, no Simming. To get this done just that little bit quicker, pick either Sydney or Gold Coast, seeing as they get paired with Greater Western Sydney and it gets automatically Simmed. This doesn't cancel out the achievement either, which is very handy.
See ‘Legendary’ for a few tips on winning

Hard Nut 30
Perform 20 heavy bumps.

To get this the easy way, create a single match and set up the opposition to be another controller. During the match, when the opponent gets the ball, run towards them and use the to bump them. I’m fairly sure knocking the player to the ground counts as a heavy bump. The other bonus with this achievement is that it doesn’t all have to be done in a single game, so you don’t have to stress if you don’t get it the first time you try to.

By Hand 30
Win a match with more handballs than kicks.

To get this, simple handball it around a lot. I’ll suggest getting a few points ahead at first, then start handballing like crazy (using ). This is easiest on a low difficulty, but will also be achievable on Legendary if you play the way I have suggested (See ‘Legendary’ for those tips)

Spoil Sport 15
Perform 50 spoils.

This one will accumulate across all your games. Just Press + whenever there is a marking contest and you’ll get it soon enough. You’ll more than likely get this throughout the Professional season.

Torpedoes Away! 15
Kick a goal with a torpedo from 50 metres.

When on the run towards your goal, or from a set shot, hold + to kick a torpedo. (If you are near the boundary, it will do a banana kick instead, so make sure you’re near the centre)
Also make sure you kick from a few metres outside the fifty, as I described in ’50 Metre Bomb’

Lifetime Lagger 80
Kick 5000 goals.

This one will take the most time achieve, and will more than likely be the last one you’ll get. Just play through many games and kick goals like crazy. After all other achievements have popped, set the game to a low difficulty and play 20 minute quarters. The amount of goals you’ll get in those games will get you well on your way. You’ll also have a lot of goals already, from both season and the NAB Cup play throughs.

Hot Streak 30
Win 5 matches in a row during a season on Professional difficulty or above.

This one is easiest to get in your professional season, provide you keep winning games. Shouldn’t be too hard if you are good at the game.

End-to-End 30
From a kick-in, score a goal without the opposition touching the ball.

This one can be a little bit of a pain, but it fairly simple on a low difficulty. When kicking the ball in from an oppositions goals (your backline) Use + to kick directly to a player on your team. Continue doing this until you get to your forward line and kick a goal.

Winners (are Grinners) 15
Win a match.

Fairly straight forward. Win a match. It’ll be one of the first achievements you get, but can take a few games when you’re still getting used to the game.

Playing Tall 30
Win a ruck contest with the shortest player on your team.

I’ll suggest going for this when you have created a team of your own. Make a player, and make his position ‘Ruck’ then make his height the shortest possible. Then, start a Single match, using a second controller as the opposition. At the first ruck contest, simply flick the to win the tap out.

Chas 30
In Season mode, a member of the player controlled team wins the Brownlow medal.

Easily achievable if your player gets a lot of disposals and goals, especially if they are named man of the match. Just make sure you get the ball to one of your players a lot during each of your games.

Set for September 30
Finish on top of the ladder in a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season, no simulating.

Basically, win as many games as you can, preferably, all of them. Remember not to simulate any of the games, and you’ll be sure to get this.

First Class Century 80
Have a player in your team kick more than 100 goals in a season.

It’s best to make sure your Full Forward gets a lot of the goals throughout the season. I played as Richmond in one of my seasons and had Jack Riewoldt get his hundred around Round 16 (before my game started freezing when I played Geelong)
The longer the quarter length you play with means more goals.

Got the Wood on 'em 30
Defeat every team at least once in a home and away season.

Fairly straight forward, as it says. Just keep watch on the teams you lose to however. If you do lose to them early in the season, and play them again later on, make sure you win that second game.

It's a Drubbing 30
Win a match by over 50 points.

Easily achievable on a low difficulty, even in 3 minute quarters. If you have only just started playing the game and are learning the basics, earning this achievement will let you know that you pretty much know what you are doing. If you can win by 50 points a few times on either Professional or Legend difficulties, you’re more than ready for the season achievements.
100%: 1000: 13, 450: 1, 400: 2, 200: 6, 50: 1.
80%+: 21

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